Why Choose a Play Kitchen Set

Published: 27th August 2010
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From all of the things you can get for your wonderful child, why a pick out a kid's kitchen? After all, a play kitchen can be more expensive than other toys. What are the advantages?

Here are some things to think about:

Interactive Play

Your child is actively involved with the play kitchen. There are a things they can do from cooking, serving, eating to doing dishes. Your kid is not sitting around doing another passive activity such as watching television or playing a computer|video entertainment.

Encourage Imagination

A pretend kitchen play set, by definition, is all about imagination. There are a lot of ways children learn. kid's is one of those ways. When a toddler pretends, they can practice different scenarios to explore how things work.

Pretend Play

Mom cooks. Dad cooks. Your toddler wants to impersonate mother and father. Doing as others do is a way a preschooler learns. Of course, you would never let your girl or boy play a real stove. This is a job for a play kitchen set.


So how can a child begin to learn to cook? They are too young to use a stove, but not on a pretend {kitchen stove.

With a play kitchen you also have the playing opportunity to teach your girl or boy about food. You can find play food for every cuisine. Teach your kid about the different types of food and nutrition.

So, with a toddler play kitchen set you can practice cooking and serving food, what to do while you are eating, and finally cleaning up and doing the dishes.

Social Training

There is more to playing kitchen than cooking. There is also serving the food and eating the play food.. This is a great time to practice manners using "Please", "Thank you", and "Pass the potatoes, please."

Spend Time Together

One of the best forms of quality time you can have|best times you can have with your girl or boy is playing kitchen with your them. As a parent, I can state it is a worthwhile time. There is benefit in taking time with your girl or boy and doing things which they like.

A play kitchen may be one of the more expensive toys you can buy for your girl or boy. But it is not necessarily more expensive than some electronic toys. You can also find table top alternatives to a stand alone play set. These are costlier.

Finally, the reason to buy a pretend play kitchen is that it encourages interactive play and gives you chance to bond with your girl or boy.

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